Welcome to HiFi Shop, an online eCommerce portal by Retrophonic Singapore. Here you can shop for HiFi equipment such as turntables, record players, stereo amplifiers, speakers, cartridges, phono preamps and audio accessories; and have them delivered to you. We carry multiple reputable brands of HiFi system such as NAD, PSB Speakers, Mobile Fidelity, Pro-ject Audio, Ortofon, Goldring, Nagaoka, Phonar, Yaqin, LA Audio, Audio Technica, Grado, etc. Being a multi-brand retailer allows us to mix and pair equipment across various brand to create the best sounding audio system to cater for different budget.

Retrophonic is a brick-and-mortar, mom and pop store established since 2011. Our key strength is in providing entry level audio system with top notch, no-frill services. We are known as one of the most chillax HiFi shops in Singapore. Drop by our cozy showroom at 18A Duxton Road, we promise we won't bite; and we don't hard sell.



The Japanese company Nagaoka has been producing cartridges, styli and accessories for records since the 1940’s. Today with more than 70 years of experience in the cartridge business, Nagaoka has perfected the stylus manufacturing technologies and continues to develop new innovative solutions to improve the full audio experience.

Each Nagaoka phonograph cartridge is produced with precision craftsmanship, stringent quality control, careful assembly and thorough inspection. – Bringing the highest musical and creative expression from the concert hall to the comfort of your home.

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Vinyl is the real deal. Welcome to the dark side

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Mobile Fidelity

MoFi Electronics


Drawing on five decades of making the world’s best-sounding records at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab studios, Mobile Fidelity electronics focus on improving the sonic integrity of home-audio reproduction. Each product is the result of collaboration with some of the industry’s finest engineers and stems from years of studio experience. Mobile Fidelity turntables, cartridges, and phono preamplifiers are designed to spotlight what Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab continues to do with its famous Original Master Recordings: Getting you closer to what the original artist intended.

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Pro-ject Audio

Pro-Ject Audio

Pro-Ject was founded in 1991, during the onslaught of the compact disc and CD players, with the mission to offer the best analogue experience for reasonable prices. In a time where the digital audio media had been on the rise, and vinyl was declared as outdated and dead, Heinz Lichtenegger kept his belief in the simple but best way to enjoy music – turntables.

Since June 2019, Retrophonic has been appointed by Pro-ject Audio as its shop-in-shop partner and direct importer for Singapore market. As premium partner, we setup a dedicated 300sqft retail space to showcase and retail wide range of Pro-ject Audio products including turntables, amplifiers, phono stages, streamers, speakers and accessories.

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Analogue is Still The Best


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