Funk Firm – Achromat (3mm)


Funk Firm Achromat is the recommended upgrade to replace your stocked rubber or felt mat. 5mm is the recommended thickness. Most suitable for turntables with metal platters.

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Product Description

Achromat is the natural progression from the original acrylic interface invented by Arthur Khoubesserian back in 1979.  
Refining the theory he subsequently launched Achromat in 2005.

 Ongoing refinements in composition and application means that Achromat is now more universal and better than ever.

The Theory

The principle is one of absorbing the vibrational energy released as the stylus scrubs the groove. In fact the stylus accelerates at up to 20,000g, so it is not so much a case of scrubbing as pummelling like road hammer.Because records are only some 2mm thick, it is easy to see that if there is no where for this energy to go it would reflect off the bottom of the record back to the stylus where it really does alters the music signal.Site the record on a suitable support, however, and the energy can crosses into the material away from the stylus to be dissipated as heat before it gets back to the stylus. Real world conditions mean that the mat can not that much thicker than the record itself. So how is it possible for any mat to actually work?

  • Achromat is made of the ideal material there is at taking the energy away.
  • To deal with the thickness issue, it then has a real trick up its sleeve.
  • Millions of tiny bubbles within are complex pathways where the energy gets lost as heat.
  • In this way, Achromat acts like a considerably thicker mat and its job is complete.


A very impressive upgrade on metal platters, this mat has some benefits on plastic platters, though some may prefer the bass without it. (July 14, 2009)