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Funk Firm Flamenca Turntable

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  • Product of the Year” in its category – Absolute Sounds 2015
  • Best Turntable under $2000” – Absolute Sounds 2016


Note: This is the old model that comes with F6 tonearm

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Product Description

Flamenca’s two-speed design is deceptive. Apparently simple, delivering its award winning and seductive performance comes not from any conventional, cut corner, basic offering but by Funk’s usual “outside-of-the-box” creative flair. 

Its all-new DC motor and circuit provides a clean drive for the precision-ground glass platter. A contrasting white drive cord makes a striking visual statement.

The F6 arm is a unique take on the unconventional. Stable and frictionless, it pivots on threads providing performance enhancing features usually found only in more expensive arms.

  • Azimuth adjustment for accurate setup
  • A simple detachable mounting block makes cartridge change easier than fighting a fixed headshell system.
  • Bias is adjusted from the support at the top.


But it only takes a few minutes of hearing it to know that the Flamenca is blessed with what makes the Funk brand so unique. It’s transparent and airy sound is very inviting and when partnered with the right pick-up to get the best out of its thread bearing arm, you’ll be rewarded with an open window into the music.

5 stars

Andrew Simpson, HiFi Choice

Though the Flamenca paired with the F6 tonearm has a somewhat cumbersome setup—that is, if you want to really dial in your turntable—it excels at the highs and mids, and portrays music within a surprisingly focused and deep soundstage. Despite its slightly elevated surface noise, the ’table suffers little with vibration issues, and is a sleek design that won’t kill your budget. We can always dream of the ultra-high-end turntables, but for those of us on a Camaro budget the Funk Firm Flamenca will give your system that much needed performance boost— and for a lot less than a supercharger.

The Absolute Sound (May 27th, 2014)