Funk FIrm Gett! Turntable
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Funk Firm GETT! Turntable


Gett! is a new entry level model by Funk Firm, launched in end of 2016. The F7 pickup arm suspension design is very smooth, almost friction-less. Turntable is Made in UK. Funk Firm is an innovative, revolutionary engineering company with tons of experience in turntable design.

Please note that Gett! turntable is a bare unit does not come with any cartridge and you need to connect this to external phono preamp.

To bare unit or complete package with cartridge & phono pre-amp, check out the GETT! Turntable Bundle Package

Now comes with free 5mm Achromat for every purchase of Funk Firm Gett Turntable. Limited sets while stock last.



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Product Description

Gett Turntable Top View
Funk Firm Gett Turntable with 5mm orange Achromat

The new GETT! is based on the fundamental principles that Arthur Khoubesserian’s turntables are known for….’music first’ !

The GETT! uses the foundation of the more expensive Flamenca, using a high-density acrylic-platter and Funks proven DC motor design with an O-ring rim drive, and Electronic speed control for accurate 33-1/3 and 45 rpm.

The new F7 pickup arm is a further refinement of the thread-bearing design first introduced in the F6 pickup arm. This unique suspension design works like a hybrid uni-pivot bearing with easy adjustments for VTA, antiskate, and azimuth. Comes with acrylic dust cover. Phono cartridge is not included.



  • F7 pickup arm – a unique suspension design for the tonearm bearing
  • Precision adjustments for VTA, anti-skating and azimuth
  • Full size glass platter
  • Round rubber belt – improve speed consistency
  • Easy switch to toggle between 33 rpm and 45 rpm
  • Comes with acrylic dust cover
  • Classy black and gold colour scheme
  • Compact size


It’s a quirky design and takes care to set up but, once you play music through it, you shout out, “Oh I seeeee. Thats why!” Everything makes sense. The sound quality of the Gett!, for any price point, is quite superb. For this price point, though, its absolutely brilliant. An amazing turntable and one that is highly recommended. (October 2017)