Grado 8MZ Stylus


Universal stylus upgrade for entire Grado Prestige series cartridges. Fits all cartridges from Black1 to Gold1. Same price as the original Gold1 replacement stylus but sound is way better. Audiophiles have very positive reviews on various forum.

Generally it is agreed that tracking is superior, bass extension and warm mid range remain the same, with great definition and detailed on the high frequencies. A lot of people end up getting the Grado Black1 and buy this stylus to upgrade the sound.

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The Grado 8MZ stylus is originally developed for the highly regarded Joseph Grado Signature 8MZ phono cartridge. It fits all previous Signature and Prestige models and can be used to improve their performance.

Now it is only available in Singapore because Retrophonic custom ordered it.

The stylus profile of 8MZ is a nude elliptical, which is much better than the bonded elliptical profile on all Prestige series cartridges (from Black1 to Gold1). Nude elliptical stylus are used on higher end Grado’s Sonata cartridges.

Grado 8MZ Stylus Specifications
– Output: 3.5mV @ 3.5 CMV (45 degrees)
– Controlled frequency response: 10Hz-50kHz
– Channel separation: Average 25dB, 10Hz-50kHz
– Stylus: Diamond, twin tip
– Input load: 47k Hz
– Inductance: 45 mH
– Resistance: 475 ohms
– Tracking force: 1.5 g
– Pick-up weight: 5.5 g
– Capacitance: Non-sensitive to capacitive load