IsoAcoustics GAIA III Isolation Feet

IsoAcoustics GAIA III Isolation Feet (Set of 4)


Crafted with the vision of providing extraordinary acoustic performance, the GAIA III is the union of aesthetic visual design and acoustic engineering. Compatible with speakers (bookshelves / floorstanding) weighing less than 70lbs (32kg), this small compact design delivers unbelievable acoustic isolation that will bring out a clarity and openness from your speaker you’ve never heard. The GAIA III comes with three different thread sizes: M8, M6 and ¼-20.

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Product Description

Each GAIA foot incorporates IsoAcoustics’ patented design principles to deliver unbelievable results, providing a high degree of isolation while resisting lateral movement and oscillations to maintain alignment with the listening position. Internal reflections from the hard-supporting surface are attenuated resulting in greater sound clarity and openness than you’ve ever heard from your speakers.

Optimal results are achieved by installing the GAIA isolators with the logo facing the listening position, or rotated 180 degrees, to align the isolators with the speaker’s motive forces. Lift and place the speakers into position, as the GAIA lower isolators will adhere to the supporting surface.


Outstanding Product Award

Beautifully constructed, super supportive and allow for the speaker to present itself with far more tactile freedom in bandwidth and allowing the frequencies to really breath, giving more insight, timbre and timing.

HiFi Pig Magazine (May 10, 2017)

This shit works. (Oct 15, 2016)

They made an across-the-board improvement in the sound. I heard more of the music and less of the speaker. Not only that—instruments and voices were more precisely defined on the soundstage, which itself was wider and higher.

A remarkable product.

Stereophile (Sep 14, 2017)