MS – NBX23 Power Reconciliation Device


MS-NBX23 Power Reconciliation Device assists filtering socket to become a sophisticated and advanced system.

Plug this into an extension socket and you will immediately get more details, clarity and larger sound stage from your current system. The best thing is, it does not degrade any sound quality.


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Product Description

Computers, fridges, phone chargers, air conditioning, washing machines and lights dimmer are the main culprits that pollute your power source. They add noise to your sound system. You probably can’t hear the noise directly, but you will hear its effects. It adds grains that masked the details and reduce the dynamics in the audio signals.

MS-NBX23 uses feedback loop concept that make use of the close relationship of Earth, Neutral, Live to “suck” out all those annoying noise inside the electrical circuit so that the filtering socket can supply tremendous clean power to Hi Fi systems. The newly developed 78K cryogenic treatment like adding a beautiful thing to a present splendor.

MS-NBX23 is so designed that it can be used in an AC electric circuit from 100VAC to 240VAC, 50-60 Hz with no current limitation.

Best thing is, MS-NBX23 also works for your TVs by giving your a brighter, clearer and vivid picture quality.