Nagaoka – JT80BK – MM Cartridge


Moving magnet type (MM type) cartridge

It is a model that uses a boron cantilever and a solid elliptical needle, and is characterized by its delicacy in the high range and good sound balance from the low range.

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Limited 80th Anniversary special edition cartridge

Nagaoka is a world-famous manufacturer of record needles, celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. The MP cartridge, which has been used around the world for many years, has been redesigned and the new MM cartridges JT-80 have been released. 

Design Points
1. Continuous design from tonearm to the stylus tip. The slanted front panel allows for easy viewing of the tip and easy stylus replacement.
2. The small cylinder on the mounting surface makes it easy to put the stylus on and the light body plays sound as it slides on the board.
3. The upper part is blocky to match with the tonearm, contrasting with the columnar shape of the stylus.

The slim and simple design gives a sense of continuity from the tonearm to the stylus tip. Reducing the number of parts leads to a reduction in vibration. In addition, the bare screws that join the head shell on previous products have been integrated inside the body to reduce exposure and resonance. Besides traditional listeners, these evolutions are also oriented well towards modern pop and jazz, supported by a wide range of genres.

With a worldwide following, this product combines ease of use and design at a high level. Designed to enhance the visibility of the stylus and ease of operation when replacing The thin handle designed for dropping the stylus on the record gently and the simple construction of the body were highly praised. The functional design and the high perfection of each component will satisfy the users as well.

In order to get closer as possible to the ideal frequency response, Nagaoka adjusted the hardness of the damper rubber and core materials. You can feel the difference between the MP and MM. While the MP and MM have the same power generator, the structures of the cantilever are different. Also by selecting and adjusting the damper rubber and stylus tip, Nagaoka found the best balance.

Product Specifications

format Moving magnet type (MM type)
output 3.0 mV (5 cm / sec)
Frequency characteristic 20Hz-20.000Hz
Channel separation 25dB (1Khz)
Channel balance 1.0 dB or less
Cantilever boron
Needle tip 0.4×0.7mil ellipse / diamond
Stylus pressure 1.3g-1.8g
Torridge own weight 6.7g