Nobsound MS-10D MKII

Nobsound MS-10D MKII Budget Tube Amplifier


Nobsound MS-10D MKII  is a sweet sounding hybrid tube amplifier that is packed with features. Highly recommended for those who wants to try out tube amplifiers but have limited budget.

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Product Description

Want to experience the warmness of tube sound but you are on a budget? Nobsound MS-10D MKII is the way to go. This amp sound fantastic for a price below SGD 300. First, let’s look at the features and specifications

  • Hybrid tube amplifer
  • Output Power: 25W+25W
  • Can easily push any speakers. We use them on PSB floor standing speakers
  • Output Impedance: 4-16 ohm
  • SNR: 80DB
  • Frequency response:28HZ-20KHZ
  • 2 RCA inputs
  • Comes with Bluetooth! That means you can pair it with you phone and stream music directly
  • USB input (not shown in this picture). It can play MP3/FLAC/WAV/APE/WMA formats
  • 3.5 mm headphone output
  • Bass & Treble adjustments
  • Tube: Beijing 6N1*2+6P1*2

MKII is the upgraded version that fixed some of the circuit board over power issues that you might have read some where in old forum threads.

Tube amplifier, especially one as cheap and as fantastic as this one, is the perfect match of your analog sound system. Highly recommended for those of you who are into jazz vocals.