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Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable


Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC is the best buy turntable classic with carbon tonearm and DC power supply; one of the absolute best entry level turntable for audiophile. It has won so many awards over the years that it has become the benchmark for turntables at this price point.

Made in Europe.


Pro-ject Audio products come with 2-year local warranty.


Product Description

The first Debut turntable, introduced in the late 1990s, was a revolution for the hi-fi industry. For the first time after the arrival of Compact Disc and the assumed demise of vinyl records, an analogue product re-emerged in the “mass market” – something all music lovers could afford.

The new DEBUT Carbon DC was designed to set new standards in this category for the coming decade – perfectly timed as analogue today is again a respected source, while the demand for good turntables is growing again!

The most obvious improvement is the inclusion of a CARBON TUBE for the tonearm, which increases stiffness and decreases unwanted resonance.

This material normally is extensively used in high-end tonearms, but – because of cost reasons – was never used in products at lower price levels. Together with other improvements like an increase in platter size and weight to realize even smoother rotation, the overall sound quality is greatly improved. The approved belt drive design offers low noise AC motor with effective motor decoupling (utilising TPE-damping) and ultra precision frequency DC-driven AC generator (like Speed Box) for ultimate speed stability without unwanted vibration.

The DEBUT CARBON DC is available in high-gloss black (Piano Black) or shiny red, green, blue, yellow, silver or white as no-added-cost option. It is also available in walnut finish with additional cost.

Note: back in 2012-2013, Pro-ject Debut Carbon was fitted with OM5 / OM10 cartridge. It has since been upgraded to Ortofon 2M Red.


Turntable comes with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge pre-installed and acrylic cover.

Technical specifications

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (DC)

Speed 33, 45 (manual speed change)
Drive principle belt drive
Platter 300mm metal with felt mat
Mains bearing stainless steel
Wow & flutter +/- 0,10%
Speed drift +/- 0,80%
Signal to noise – 68dB
Effective arm length 218.5 mm
Effective arm mass 6.0 g
Overhang 18.5mm
Tracking force 10 – 30mN
Power connection 110/120 or 230/240 Volt – 50 or 60 Hz
Included accessories 15 volts DC /0,8A power supply, dust cover
Standby power consumption < 1 watt
Dimensions 415 x 118 x 320mm (WxHxD) lid closed
Weight 5.6 kg net


What Hi-Fi? Awards 2012 – Best Turntable up to £500

“One of Pro-Jects finest achievements and more than deserving of Best Buy status.


European Turntable 2012-2013

Comments of Note:
The results of the EISA Awards were published in Hi-Fi News, September 2012 issue.

“The sound of this turntable combination is as mature as the design itself, with a dynamic, foot-tapping quality reminiscent of far costlier models.”

“If you are curious about the vinyl revival, then Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon is the ideal place to start spinning those LPs.”


 This Debut remains a seriously tempting proposition. Excellent detail and clarity for the price.

Really, you can’t go wrong with the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. The Debut remains a seriously tempting proposition. It has proved that it’s still among the class leaders at this price.

Hundreds of 5 stars and positive reviews on Amazon. Average 4.5 Stars

4.8 out of 5.0, and lots of positive reviews on

What we heard out of the box was nothing short of remarkable. I cannot emphasize enough that all young people rebuilding the vinyl numbers and shouting its praises should audition one of these turntables. Very highly recommended.

Here you have it, a turntable that has been receiving awards for its quality and for what it delivers at its price range. For this reason, at its price range it is definitely the best turntable under $500 (USD).

With its stock Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon gave me a clean, vibrant sound quality that reminded me quite a bit of the $1,999 Rega RP6/Exact cartridge combo I recently reviewed. That the Debut Carbon can approach the RP6’s performance at 20 percent of its price is remarkable, to say the least. Its sound isn’t perfect — rock fans might want more oomph in the bass — but if I were buying a budget table tomorrow, this is the one.

5 Stars (out of 5)

It’s hard to believe, but the Pro-Ject team have made the Debut Carbon even better with the DC model. With a combination of high-quality components and ingenuity in design, the Debut DC can hold its own in almost any conversation about audiophile turntables. And when that conversation turns to price, most other decks will look away in shame. If you’re looking to up your audiophile game with a steady-rolling everyday player, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC is exactly the turntable you’re looking for.

If you are ready to move from an old or toy turntable, the Debut Carbon (DC) should be at the top of your list.

The combination of the carbon tonearm and speed control, coupled with the outstanding performance of the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, provides far better audio than ever expected for USD $449. We can’t recommend the Debut Carbon (DC) enough, and believe it’s an especially great place to start in the realm of manual turntables. (Aug 18, 2017)


We find out that the company has made tremendous improvements when compared with the previous DC models. While creating this Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC review, our team found that this equipment is a perfect mixture of genuine designing, high performance, and solid quality components.

If you want to buy an amazing turntable without burning your pockets and compromising with price perception, then go and buy this Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC. (Oct 1, 2018)