SINE - S-30A Dual Filtration Power Conditioner

SINE – S-30A Dual Filtration Power Conditioner (UK)


This is a powerful upgrade for audiophiles yearning to reach a new level in audio entertainment. As it was launched, it transcended the limits reached by its kind, redefining the power-cleaning market. The innovative magnetic conduit filtration technology offers perfect separation between the incoming and outputting power circuits, virtually keeping all contamination away.

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Product Description


  • Dual power filtration: ensures minimum noise levels for a silent background in the hifi system
  • 12 AWG solid-core copper x 4 is used in internal wiring
  • Extra-thick gold-plated outlet and IEC male with cryogenic treatment
  • Internal space filled with damping materials to reduce resonance and unwanted vibration
  • An efficient compensation circuit to enhance the flow the electricity
  • Extra-thick (15 mm) aluminium-alloy chassis blocks EMI/RF interference
  • Lightning and surge protection