Stasis Super-Vision Mini Microscope


This battery powered mini microscope is the perfect tool for inspection of vinyl grooves and your precious stylus.

Comes with battery and user manual in the box.

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Product Description

We recommend this microscope for

1. Checking what cause the clicks and pops in your records. Is it dirt, dust, mold, scratches? With 60X magnification you definitely can tell.

2. Inspecting stylus wear. The stylus on your phono cartridges typically last around 800 hours depending on frequency of use, how well the records and stylus are maintained.

With this mini microscope, it is easy to check if the stylus has become blunt. Don’t wait until you hear distortion to change your stylus because you would have caused some damage to the last few records that you just played.

3. Check the cleanliness of your stylus. A well maintained stylus should be sharp and shinny. It should be free of dust and the cantilever should not be corroded.

But, how effective are the stylus brush, the stylus cleaning liquid or the Onzow Zerodust? Are you applying the correct cleaning technique? The easiest way to know is to check the stylus with this mini microscope.