Teac CR-H101DAB Micro System
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TEAC CR-H101DAB Micro System


The CR-H101DAB is a CD/DAB Receiver with a new concept, fusing CD receiver components with TEAC desktop audio technologies that TEAC has advanced over years.

The receiver has a USB DAC function that supports Hi-Res Audio playback and can handle a variety of sources, including RCA line in, Bluetooth®, Optical, and DAB/FM radio. It delivers 2 x 20-watts of Class D amplification and there’s also a subwoofer output of you want to extend the bass.

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Product Description

New Generation CD/DAB+ Receiver for Hi-Res Era.

The receiver has a USB DAC function that supports Hi-Res Audio playback and can handle a variety of sources, including CDs, Bluetooth® and DAB/FM radio. The body of the unit is crafted elegantly with cut aluminum panels, which are about 3mm thick on the top and sides and 5mm thick on the front. This increases both strength and resistance to external noise. The cabinet, which is about 20cm square and small enough to be held on the palms of two hands, has a cooling grille and side bars like a high-end power amplifier.

The design makes people feel its dignity and precision when they see it. In addition, the volume and source selection knobs on the front are also made with cut aluminum, which creates the sense of coolness and precision unique to thick metal. They will provide feelings of satisfaction to the owner every time they are used. The DAC, which is a core component for digital audio equipment, uses a Burr Brown PCM1795 that boasts a high dynamic range with low distortion and has a record of use in high-end digital-analog converters. This enables playback from various sources without compromising the passion the artists put into their music.

The CR-H101DAB packs the same high-quality audio technologies used in audiophile equipment into a compact form that allows you to make daily music listening experiences even richer.

Main functions

  • CD Receiver employs PC Streaming, CD Playback, DAB/FM, and Bluetooth® Connection
  • Supports up to 24-bit/192kHz Hi-Res Audio Streaming from PC/Mac via USB Cable
  • Slot-in CD Player supports MP3 and WMA files
  • 2x Up-convert up to 192kHz from CD and Bluetooth® Sources
  • Built-in DAB/FM tuner supports RDS (RDS for UK/Europe model only)
  • HR Loudness for Stunning Sound Performance
  • Versatile Timer Functions including ON/OFF Timer


The CR-H101DAB has its fingers in several music source pies and serves them up in a compact, affordable package.

What HiFi, 14 April 2017


The combination of a outstanding build quality and an amazing audio performance makes the TEAC CR-H101DAB one of the best small hi-fi systems on the market. It’s ability to handle almost any input source and even Hi-Res digital files makes it ideal for the world of downloads and streaming. If you’re looking for a top-notch audio system for a bedroom, kitchen or study, then take a look at this great little performer.

Forbes.com, 29 September, 2016