Yaqin MC-84L Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier


Don’t be deceived by its low price. This is a serious audiophile grade ultralinear push-pull, full Class A tube amplifier. It is only 12 watts per channel, but compare to transistor amplifier, it is actually more than 60 watts.

Yaqin MC-84L is powered by four EL84 / 6P14 tubes plus two 12AX7 at the preamp stage. It’s compact size is suitable for bookshelf speakers.

** This is 240 V version made specifically for Singapore market, switchable to 120V. Those listed on other online platforms like Taobao & AliExpress are 220V – 230V and will burn your transformers / tubes / capacitors.

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  • High performance ultralinear push-pull circuit for rich acoustic sound reproduction
  • SRPP preamp circuit widen frequency response and lower distortions
  • Output transformer is made of Japan audio-specific oriented silicon steel (0.35mm) and free-oxygen high-intensity enameled copper wire. This widen the frequency response and improves sound quality, transparency and power output.
  • Adopt audio-grade Electrolysis and Philips MKP non-polar AC capacitor to reduce floor noise and improve durability.
  • Speaker terminal output plus headphone jack (3.5mm jack)