Yaqin MS-110B KT88 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier


This Yaqin integrated valve amplifier looks as good as it sounds. Yaqin MS-110B is a quality vacuum tube amplifier with 4 KT88 tubes with 50 watts output. In terms of transistor amp this is more than 250 watts per channel. Suitable for floor-standing speakers.

All four KT88 tubes have been upgraded to PSVANE tubes, which is better than the stock Shuguang tubes.

Comes with remote control, headphone output, 3 pairs RCA input + 1 pair RCA pre-amplifier input. It can be used as integrated amplifier or power amplifier. Bias of the power valves are user adjustable.

** This is 240 V version made specifically for Singapore market, switchable to 120V. Those listed on other online platforms like Taobao & AliExpress are 220V – 230V and will burn your transformers / tubes / capacitors.

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  • Improved power outlet using the latest tube KT88-98 and the push-pull circuit strong output
  • Employ “SRPP” circuit and excellent “long tail” type inverter circuit for wider frequency response better sound quality
  • Energized high voltage power supply for the automatic delay control, can effectively extend tube life
  • Special ultra-linear (UL) and triode (TR) mode selection capabilities, to meet different user needs
  • Ultralinear – Better power handling, large dynamics and sound stage, strong punchy bass. Recommended for classical music, rock, metal etc
  • Triode Mode – More musical and details of micro-dynamics. Suitable for vocals, strings, jazz etc
  • With remote control and headphone output