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Yaqin MS-23B Tube Phono Preamp


Yaqin MS-23B is a full Class A vacuum tube phono Preamplifier stage, suitable for MM, MI or high output MC (Moving Coil) cartridges.

This budget tube preamp is a big step up from transistor phono stages at similar price point. If you want to experience true analogue amplification, this is an excellent choice. Simply put, it makes your vinyl records sound great.

** This is 240 V version made specifically for Singapore market, switchable to 120V. Those listed on other online platforms like Taobao & AliExpress are 220V – 230V and will burn your transformers / tubes / capacitors.

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Product Description

Sound quality is excellent in full Class A amplification. It is warm, silky smooth as well as precise and transparent across the entire frequency range. High dynamics and realistic sound. Yaqin MS-23B allows tube rolling. This means you can upgrade the tubes to improve the sound in the future.

  • It comes with stereo outputs of 0.5 V and an active RIAA equalization
  • Low noise, low distortion and accurate RIAA for a dynamic crystalline sound.
  • Employ DC filaments power supply to minimize humming noise
  • Power transformers are manufactured with silicon steel sheet and high quality oxygen-free enameled copper wire
  • Utilizes audiophile capacitors such as Japanese Nippon Chemi-con capacitor filters, and high quality metal precision resistors dedicated for audio frequency
  • Beautiful aluminum heavy duty chassis and face plate.

Additional Information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 27 x 23 x 21 cm

Technical Specifications

Model : MS-23B
Input Power : 120V-240V switchable
Colour : Black Body
Size Dimension : 17cm(W) x 20cm(D) x 12cm(H)
Tubes : 12AX7B × 2
Output Voltages : 500mV (400Hz)
Output Jacks : 1 group of gold plated RCA jacks
Input Sensitivity : ≤4mV (400Hz) when voltage is 500mV
Input Jacks : 1 group RCA jacks plus a grounding terminal
Distortion of Harmonic : ≤0.11%(400Hz input)
Cartridge Suitability : MM, MI & high output MC cartridges
Frequency Response : RIAA standard characters
Signal Noise Ratio : >85dB

Inside the Package

  • 1 x Yaqin MS-23B unit
  • Power supply cable with UK plug
  • User manual in English
  • 2 x Fuses
  • Free RCA rubber caps