Yaqin SD-33A Vacuum Tube CD Player


Can CDs sound more like vinyl records? Yes if you play them through a good Vacuum Tube CD Player like Yaqin SD-33A.

With two quality 6N8P tubes, the output is warm and detailed, with all the acoustic signature of tube sound. Yaqin SD-33A even up sample your CDs to 24 bit 192 kHz audio quality. The sonic performance is astonishing for its price.

** This is 240 V version made specifically for Singapore market, switchable to 120V. Those listed on other online platforms like Taobao & AliExpress are 220V – 230V and will burn your transformers / tubes / capacitors.

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  • Uses Japanese brand Sanyo high precision movement to ensure stability and smooth disc reading
  • 4 audio outputs : Tube output / Operational output / Balance output / Digital coaxial output (for connecting to external audio decoder)
  • Servo circuit adopt Philips SAA 7824 chip, PCM1794U chip and DAC decoder produced by US BB company
  • Comes with remote control and screen display
  • It adopt high-quality multi-layer filter circuitry for clear digital output and to maximise sonic performance.
  • Output transformer is made by audio-specific Sillicon steel (0.35mm) and high strength OFC enameled wire to reduce electromagnetic interference