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MoFi StudioPhono Phonostage


StudioPhono replicates the wide bandwidth transparency Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab mastering engineers demand. Tim De Paravicini, the designer responsible for the Mobile Fidelity Gain2™ Ultra Analog cutting system, assisted with the internal circuitry to ensure your analog system at home faithfully reproduces the music buried in the grooves of your LPs.

StudioPhono supports MM or MC cartridges with selectable gain of 40dB, 46dB, 60dB, 66dB. It also comes with switchable mono mode & subsonic filter.


Product Description


With selectable gain and loading, you will be able to tailor StudioPhono to match nearly any moving-magnet or moving-coil cartridge on the market. A readily accessible bank of toggle switches can be found on the unit’s underside to quickly make adjustments without the need for any tools.


Two selectable toggle buttons on the top of the unit can engage Mono or Subsonic filter mode. If you’re a fan of mono recordings, vintage or reissues like the Beatles in Mono box set or the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Bob Dylan Series, the Mono mode will come as a revelation. It will improve image stability and generate richer tone.


Adjustable from 40dB – 66dB

< .01% (MM) / < .012% (MC)

Load Impedance (MM)
47,000 Ohms

Load Impedance (MC)
75, 100, 500, 1k, 10k, 47k Ohms

Input Capacitance


• Selectable gain for MM or MC 40dB, 46dB, 60dB, 66dB

• Adjustable loading 75Ω – 47kΩ

• Switchable Mono mode

• Subsonic filter

• External power supply


There are some good discussions on forums for your reading pleasure.


If you are in the market for a very reasonably priced yet high-performance phono stage, the American-made StudioPhono should be at the top of your shopping list. It performs far better than its price indicates and will match well with a wide variety of cartridges. Most importantly, it doesn’t have a “sound”—it’s just a conduit for musical enjoyment. (Jan 8, 2018)


The studiophono was able to whip the track into shape and keep everything crisp while never losing a rounded and open feel that makes the music so compelling.

I was floored by the sonic sophistication the Studiophono was able to bring to my audition. The Studiophono on its own merits and even more so paired as a combo with the Studiodeck & Studiotracker outpaces anything else on the market I have heard at its price point.

Higher end phono stages I had on hand like the Fosgate Signature (10x the Studiophono’s price) were certainly more musical, more nuanced, and more delicate with the sound presentation, but the margin was not as great as you might think – not by a long shot! The Studiodeck is an all star performer and does not give you the impression in any way you are missing out or making sacrifices at its list price.

The Studiophono will be a valued and integral part of your front-end chain, not just a budget component that is checking a necessary box for you to be able to play your records.

HiFi+ Aug 15, 2018