Nagaoka – INS-SU01 – Ruby Ball & Stainless Steel Isolator


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Some components are quite sensitive to vertical mode, low-frequency vibration; the most obvious of these is the analogue turntable. The Nagaoka INS-S01 is designed to isolate analogue turntables from vibration and shock.

Ruby is a single crystal material of hardness next to diamond. It suppresses resonance and increases the effect of isolating vibration between isolators. Ruby + stainless steel means the bass is tightened, cleaning up mid to high frequencies, better resolution, improved soundstage.

Ideal for all critical components, including turntables, amplifiers, CD players, digital transports, and more.


  • Increased protection from bass feedback, floor-borne shock and vibration.
  • A quieter, “blacker” background
  • Greater musical clarity
  • Improved timbral definition, especially in the bass and upper midrange
  • Greater perceived dynamic range due to reduced transient blurring and lower intermodulation distortion
  • Improved soundstage and imaging