Ortofon 2M Blue

Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge


Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge adds more dynamics and resolution, sounds more open and reproduces more details.

The 2M Blue cartridge is an upgrade from the Red. The 2M Blue uses the same structures but employs a highly polished nude-elliptical stylus for much better tracking and quieter reproduction, as it reaches deeper into the record’s grooves.

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Product Description

Ortofon 2M Blue features:

– an improved engine, which provides an increased output of 5.5mV and an optimized sound reproduction and a high level of sonic accuracy

– Nude Elliptical diamond and split pole pins with a copper wire


Ortofon’s 2M Blue catapults moving magnet performance into the modern era. It delivers the high resolution audiophiles expect from cartridges at any price, and does so with remarkable affordability.

Ed Kobesky, positive-feedback.com

Lots of 5 stars reviews on Amazon.com

  • this stylus is a wonderful upgrade to the 2MM Red. Crisp clarity, and true bass
  • Happy with it. Like it better than my Shure M97xE. The 2Mblue just sounds better more of an even acoustical sound, and tracks better that my Audio Technica AT-120E. Glad I went with the the Blue instead of the Red.
  • The sound of this inexpensive cartridge is well out of its price range.

Amazon Customers Reviews

4.8 Stars Review on audioreview.com

  • The Blue exceeded my expectation in every way and does everything better than the 2m red.
  • Ohhhh the bass is fantastic. The tracking is superb and it excellently tracks inner grooves with very little to no IGD. Very musical and detailed cartridge.


A real sense of vitality. – What HiFi Magazine (20 April, 2017)


Ortofon’s colour series (2M Series) offers a frugal audiophile a glimpse into a higher domain. Not the penthouse like Koetsu or Clearaudio MCs, but a floor with a good view. Very highly recommended.

audiophilia.com (July 17, 2013)