SINE – SA-6 ME Mass Edition Power Distributor (US)


SINE SA-6 ME Mass Edition Power Distributor is made up of an all-round combination of quality materials. The pure copper wiring is the best friend to electrical conduction for its amazingly low resistance. The thick bronze plating on sockets is a determining factor in giving the connected audio system the best current. The aluminium chassis is no doubt a powerful guard against interference. This product helps to give the listener a taste of what the really sophisticated audio systems can offer.

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  • Cryogenic treatment applied on outlet and IEC male, taking away electrical resistance
  • Extra-thick phosphor-bronze plating is applied on sockets and IEC male to minimize loss in quality of current
  • 12 AWG solid core pure copper is used as internal wiring, keeping resistance negligible
  • Aluminium-alloy chassis leaves no weak points for interference to get through
  • A perfect choice for audiophiles wishing to bring their audio system to the next level