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Vibrapod Cones (Sets)

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Vibrapod Cone is the new solution for effective isolation, anti-vibration at affordable price.

Designed to be used on their own or in conjunction with a set of Vibrapods Isolators, Vibrapod Cones can support up to 4.5 kg per cone.

Vibration Isolation Improves

  • – Bass Definition And Depth
  • – Dynamics
  • – Imaging
  • – Detail Resolution
  • – Ambiance
  • – Clarity
  • – Soundstage
  • – Video Images


Highly recommended by Absolute Sound & Stereophile

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Product Description


  • Double Truncated Vinyl Cone
  • 3/8″ Chrome Stationary Ball (it doesn’t roll)
  • Balls are user replaceable
  • 1″ tall, 1 5/8″ Diameter
  • Up to 2.7kg optimal weight handling per cone
  • 4.5kg maximum weight for each cone
  • Designed to work both in concert with Vibrapods Isolators by themselves
  • Can be used either point-up or point-down


Highly Recommended for:

  • Turntables
  • Amplifiers / Receivers / Pre amps
  • CD & DVD Players
  • DAC’s
  • Speakers






Vibrapods remain the least expensive yet highly effective line of defense against structural and air-borne vibration. At their price, I can’t imagine anybody not trying them. Even those with big-buck equipment racks designed to dissipate or reject spurious energies of all kinds should give them a try. (June 2004)