IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 Speaker Stand

IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 Speaker Stand


IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 Speaker Stand, sold in pairs. Make not mistake, this is probably the best investment for sound improvements; that’s why if you googled it, many will swear by that these are the best speaker stands in the world.

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Product Description

The ISO-L8R155 isolation stands are designed for medium size speakers and studio monitors. A practical and effective solution for desktop, bookshelf and floor standing speakers. The IsoAcoustics patented isolation system provides superior isolation and decoupling from the supporting surface. The stands are a complete kit to optimize your speaker placement and performance by assembling them in the short or tall configuration and setting the desired upward or downward tilt.


The ISO-L8R155 stands have an overall size of 6.1”x7.5” (155x190mm) and can be configured to an overall height of 3.7” or 8.75” (9.5mm or 22.5mm) with inserts that provide up to 6.5 degrees of tilt upwards or downward.

Altogether, up to 14 variations of height and tilt adjustment are available to optimize speaker placement.





Height adjustment from the reference plane at a listening distance of 36” & 48” allows for optimized speaker position relative to the listener.

It is important to make sure that the tweeters are aligned or angled towards the ears of the listeners. This is because high frequencies are directional. Aligning correctly with ear level will get the best high frequencies out of your speakers.


It is suitable for most bookshelf speakers with 5″ to 7″ subwoofers. If you are not sure if IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 is suitable for your speakers, please kindly use this link below to check.

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Grammy award winning producer, Frank Filipetti talks about the IsoAcoustics adjustable isolation stands. Frank has been using two ISO-L8R200 stands under each of his JBL M2 studio monitors in his home studio, The Living Room, and found he is getting tighter bass and more sound clarity. He is also using the smaller ISO-L8R155 stands with his JBL 3 Series studio monitors


If you use desktop speakers, you owe it to them, to your ears, and to your music to try the IsoAcoustic speaker stands. If you are currently not using anything, they will elevate the musicality of your speakers by far more than inches, providing greater resolution, improved bass response, and a more focused sound image. They will in short make your speakers more enjoyable to listen to and that is more than worth the price of admission.


The first thing we noticed was a dramatic improvement in monitoring clarity: bass tightened, mids opened, and the separation between instruments became more apparent.


Chris Ronan Murphy: Revenge of the IsoAcoustics Stands: ISO-L8R155 & Modular Aluminum System review


IsoAcoustics is a damping stand at a reasonable price that really works and looks good. The impact of the Aperta 155 stands on the Fostex speakers is significant, the pairing deliver a most enjoyable and focused result.

TNT Audio (March, 2016)