Ortofon AC-3800 Silver RCA Interconnect Cables


Ortofon Interconnect Cable RCA 1.5m Pair AC-3800 SILVER

Clear crispy sound from low to high frequencies, refined sound quality by silver platted wire.

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As the successor of Ortofon's best selling AC-3600 Silver cable, AC-3800 Silver is the best combination of conductors that emphasizes on low cost but quality audio signal transmission.

It is a sound quality-oriented cable combining copper with silver plating. These combination ensure quality transmission and staying true to the fundamentals of balanced and tonal balance reproduction.

● Conductor type: Silver plating wire, OFC
● Conductor area: 0.588 × 2
● Cable diameter: Φ5.4㎜
● Terminal diameter: RCA / Φ12 mm
● Terminal plating: RCA / gold plating
● Conductor resistance: 13.5 Ω / km or less
● Cable capacity: 86 pF / m
● Withstand voltage: AC 500 V / 1 minute
● Shield: 16/8 / 0.1
● Insulation material: polyethylene, PVC
● Length: 1.5 m × 2